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Japan Machinery Center for Trade and Investment

  JMC Roles and Functions
JMC Roles and Functions

Major roles played by JMC are as follows
1. Improve the International Trade and Investment Environment
JMC keeps track of Japan and foreign countries’ Economic Partnership Agreements (EPA/FTA), trade and investment policies, infrastructure and machiner y expor ts, international tax affairs, intellectual property systems, facilitation of international trade, and export control, environmental measures, and overseas standards and conformity; develops response measures along with member companies, and makes policy proposals, thereby endeavoring to improve the international trade and investment environment and solve relevant problems.

2. Collect and Provide Overseas International Trade and Investmentrelated Information
JMC collects information needed for member companies to conduct international business, including information about Japan’s and foreign countries’ trade policies, use of EPAs, overseas markets, customs regulations, international tax affairs, intellectual property systems, export control, environmental regulations, standards and conformity, and facilitation of international trade; and provides the information collected to member companies.

3. Implement Overseas Security Measures
JMC helps member companies take anti-risk and security measures through activities such as those regarding trade insurance, preparation of export control books and guidance, the holding of seminars on export control laws, and overseas safety support activities.