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Departments and JMC Member Companies

 JMC comprises member companies engaged in machinery and systems-related exports and foreign investments such as machinery manufacturers, trading houses and engineering companies. At present, the total number of JMC member companies is about 240. They are large or medium-sized firms representing Japan’s manufacturing and trading industries. As there is a wide array of machinery and systems, the JMC has classified business types into 25 departments. Each member company belongs to one or more departments according to the type of machinery it markets.

Departments(25) Industry Category
Plant Dept. Heavy Machinery, Telecommunications, Industrial Plants
Industrial Machinery Dept. Motive Power Machinery, Automated Machines, Transportation Machinery, Metal Processing Machines etc.
Communications Electronics Machinery Dept. Communication Equipment, Computers etc.
Heavy Electrical Machinery Dept. Generators, Transformers etc.
Machine Tools Dept. Machine Tools and related parts
Textile Machinery Dept. Textile Machinery and related parts
Agricultural Machinery Dept. Agricultural Machinery and related parts
Internal Combustion Machinery Dept. Internal Combustion Machinery and parts
Construction Machinery Dept. Construction Machinery and related parts
Aircraft Dept. Aircraft and related parts
Motor Vehicle Dept. Motor Vehicles and related parts
Industrial Vehicle Dept. Forklifts etc. and related parts.
Woodworking Machinery Dept. Sawmills, Woodworking Machines, Plywood Machines
Consumer Electronic Machines Dept. Electronic Home Appliance and related parts, semiconductor parts etc.
Light Electrical Machinery Dept. Consumer Electrical Equipment,Measuring Equipment,Electrical Tools etc.
Optical Machinery Dept. Cameras,Steppers,Microscopes,Telescopes and related parts
Office Machinery Dept. Copying Machines,Accounting Machines etc.and related parts
Light Machinery Dept. Medical Equipment, Scientific Equipment, Watches and Clocks, Screws, Bicycles etc.
Bearings Dept. Bearings and related parts
Tools Dept. Cutters, Heavy Duty Tools, Air Tools etc.
Ship Dept. Ships and related parts
Railway Car Dept. Railway Cars and related parts
Steel Tower Dept.
Steel Rib and Bridge Dept.
Water Gate and Penstock Dept.